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Find out what's new! Listed for you is detailed information on the newest releases available through Drumbeat Indian Arts. Pricing information is available on the New Release Price List.

See whats new. Always the most current listing of new releases on cassette, CD, VHS and DVD. This compilation of new releases is the latest, most up to date Native American music available on the market today.

Here it is. What everyone has been waiting for. Our complete catalog of Native American music and movies. Now in alphabetical order to help you locate the artist you are looking for. Don't know the tribe? Not sure if the music is contemporary or country, traditional or new age? No need to worry. Just look here to find it. After you find the listing go to the price list and order form to place your order by phone, fax or e-mail.

Choose from over 30 designs. Robes and shawls, even children's blankets available. Many colors to coordinate with any home. Warm and beautiful. No home should be without a Pendleton blanket.

Native American calendars ...... Now available ...... Many styles to choose from ..... Beautiful Native American Pow Wow Portraits, Dance, Women

Here is a partial listing of our Native American craft supplies catalog - including beads, feathers, thread, leather, quills, pelts, medicinal herbs, Native American Church supplies, bandanas, Pow Wow supplies and craft books. 

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The most complete collection of Native American videos and DVDs. From Documentaries to Hollywood movies, Instructional to Music & Variety, Pow Wows to Healing. We even have a collection of videos in the PAL format for the European market.
Celebrate Christmas giving with beautiful Christmas cards by some of the most respected Native artists. Sold in boxed sets with envelopes.

Christmas Cards
Close-Out Christmas Cards
Renew the spirit of the season with Native American Themed Christmas Music by some of the most respected Native artists.

Christmas Music

Do you want to learn to play the Native American Flute? How about a Native language? Maybe you would like to learn how to sign the popular song "Go My Son?" Perhaps you would like to present somthing for a complete Orchestral Wind Ensemble? How about a dictionary? If you have ever wanted to do any of these things, look no further. We have a variety of cassettes, CDs, books, and sheet music so you can learn. Click here to find just the right piece.

Music of the Native American Church brough to you by Primeaux & Mike, Irvin Bahe, Black Fox, Chenoa, Guy & Allen, Patterson & Tssassaze, Eli Secody, Stuart Snake and more. Navajo, Sioux, Comanche, Cheyenne, Sac & Fox/Otoe, Shoshone/Paiute and Apache Nations are all represented. All that worship with the peyote medicine have brought their ceremonial and healing music to you for your enlightenment and its healing powers.

Traditional Navajo music brought to you by some of the best. Jay Begaye, Radmilla Cody, Ed Lee Natay, Delphine Tsinajinnie. Ceremonial and social music - round dances, yei-be-chai, two-step and skip dance, sway songs, love songs - even navajo pow wow music. You will find it all here. For Navajo Native American Church music please see the Peyote Catalog.

Artist such as Johnny Curtis, Gospel Light Singers, Jim Felix, Ernest Monias, Bonnie Jo Hunt and Bill Miller are just a few of the great Native artists praising God with their music. You will even find Christian Hip-Hop from Fresh.I.E. and Resurrection. Vince Redhouse praises God with the Native American flute. Also included in this section are listings of holiday music from a variety of performers.

Chicken Scratch music is the popular dance music of the Indians of Southern Arizona. When listening to this lively, toe-tapping music you can't help but dance. With over 50 bands to choose from, you will have hours of excitement listening to their cumbias, polkas, chotes, mazurkas and wailas.

Country music and more. Oldies and new artists alike. Apache Spirit, The Fenders, Undecided Takers, El Coochise, Cherokee Rose, Ernest Monias, Fenders II, Chester Knight, Night Breeze Band, Bill Johnson, Wingate Valley Boys, Zuni Midnighters and many more. We include Aboriginal fiddle music here as well with Hap Boyer and Corney Michel - also some great compilation recordings to introduce you to the wonders of Aboriginal fiddling.

Traditional Apache music presented by Delmar Boni, Murphy Cassa and Patsy & Philip Cassadore. Also, "Songs of the Apache" with various singers, "Songs of the Arizona Apache" including sunrise songs, a war dance song and a social song by Sinew Luke Riley, and "Songs of the White Mountain Apache" with horse songs, crown dance songs and social songs performed by a variety of singers.

Songs of the Blackfeet. Traditional and pow wow including Black Lodge Singers, Kicking Woman Singers, Young Grey Horse Society, Little Axe, Siksika Ramblers and many more. There are grass dances, hand game songs and more.

Country music and more. Oldies and new artists alike. Apache Spirit, The Fenders, Undecided Takers, El Coochise, Cherokee Rose, Ernest Monias, Fenders II, Chester Knight, Night Breeze Band, Bill Johnson, Wingate Valley Boys, Zuni Midnighters and many more. We include Aboriginal fiddle music here as well with Hap Boyer and Corney Michel - also some great compilation recordings to introduce you to the wonders of Aboriginal fiddling.

Music presented by many of the Nations from Canada including High Noon, Sweet Grass Singers, Seekaskootch, Moccasin Flat, Eagle Claw, Painted Horse and many more.

Music of the Cree Nation. Traditional and Pow Wow. Artist include Blackstone Singers, Fly-N-Eagle, Northern Cree, Little Island Cree, Mosquito, Red Bull, Whitefish Jrs., Wild Horse Singers, Randy Wood, Art Moosomin, Edmund Bull and more.

The music of the eastern and southeastern tribes include the Cherokee, Creek, Iroquois, Mic Mac, Pequot, Seminole and Seneca. These are traditional songs, ceremonial songs, and pow wow songs. Also listed are language tapes to learn Cherokee.

The music of Mexico and Central and South America include the Yaqui, Aztec, Mayan and Inca. A good collection of ceremonial and social music.

The music of the Northern Plains includes the Cheyenne, Crow, Hidatsa, Mandan, Chippewa/Cree, Chippewa/Ojibway, Ojibway and other Mid-western tribes. Grass Dances, Owl Dances, Sun Dance songs, Double Beat songs, Circle Dance songs, Game songs, Social songs, as well as pow wow. Groups include Eyabay, Smokeytown Singers, Whitefish Bay Singers, Northern WInd, Litlte Otter, Bear Creek, Southern Cree Singers, Mountain Soul, Rocky Boy Singers, Mandaree Singers, Eagle Whistles and many more.

The music of the Pacific Northwest includes music form California tribes as well as tribes from the Great Basin and the Inuit.

The Pueblo people include the Hopi and Zuni, the people from San Juan, San Ildefonso and Picuris Pueblos. Included here are Hopi Social songs, Deer Dance songs, Cloud Dance songs, Katcina songs, Turtle Dance songs, Ditch Cleaning songs, Picnic songs, and Round Dance songs. Traditional, ceremonial and social songs of the Pueblo people.

The music of the Sioux Nations include traditional, social, contemporary and pow wow music. Included here are the Logan Alexis Singers, The Boyz, Earl Bullhead, Elk's Whistle, Eya-Hey Nakoda, William Horncloud, Porcupine Singers, Sioux Assiniboine, Sons of the Oglalas, Stoney Park Singers and more. For Sioux Peyote songs please see the Peyote Catalog.

Hundreds of titles to choose from. This is the most complete catalog of contemporary Native American music available. Included on these pages are contemporary, rock, rap, reggae, rhythm & blues and jazz artists like Joanne Shenandoah, Keith Secola, Jani Lauzon, Buffy Sainte-Marie, John Trudell, Jim Boyd, Litefoot, XIT, Red Thunder, Indigenous, Casper and many, many more. There is something for everyone.

Pow wow's are great fun to attend. Here is a listing of music recorded at pow wows around the United States and Canada. Also you will find listings for drum groups made up of members of assorted tribes. Included are the Black Eagle Singers, Indian Creek, Tha Tribe, White Eagle Singers and more. Pow wow recordings are from Gathering of Nations, Schemitzun, Hinckley and more. Also compilation recordings offering "The World's Best..." - Tiny Tots, Crow Hop, Memorial Songs, Grass Dance, Round Dance and more.

This is a collection of Intertribal groups and other sampler style recordings. If you're not sure what you're looking for, this might be the area to look first. Many samplers including Traditional, Contemporary, Flute, and even some Rock.

Our Native American Flute Catalog lists over 60 artists and over 250 titles. From Traditional and Contemporary Flute music to New Age and Classical, Andean pan pipes and Aztec music. Each flute artist has their own style influenced by their tribal heritage and personal experiences and feelings. With each artist, listen as they explore thier instruments and grow with the ever changing influences of the world around them. Included in this section you will find a small sample of the Native American flutes we have available, as well as viseos, cassettes and CDs to teach you to play. We also have books written by Native American flute virtuosos R. Carlos Nakai and Douglas Spotted Eagle. For sheet music that you can play on the Native American flute (or recorder) please check out the Educational Catalog.

TOPONA - a game of historic surprises! A great way to learn more about the people who first inhabited North America. Both adult and junior questions included so the whole family can play. See how much you know, or don't know!

Children love to read. Here are some books just for them. Also, coloring books and paper dolls.
Our complete listing of Native American storytelling including Dovie Thomason, Tchin, Jay SIlverheels, Red Thundercloud and more. We also include in this section information on Native American comedians - Don Burnstick, Indian Chipmunks, Vincent Craig, Drew LaCapa - and children's recordings - Sharon Burch, P.M. Begay, Cherokee National Children's Choir and more including Native American lullabies and children's songs in Cree and Navajo.

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This is the complete price list for the Native American music and videos. Also included are flutes, games, bumperstickers, and much more. For more information on any item just look it up in the corresponding catalog. If you can't find it please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.
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